RM Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)

Muhfuckas want a bigger growl
, Muhfuckas need a damn patrol

I been slipping thru all kinda bullshit

イジョッソ ナエ チュルシン
잊었어 나의 출신

もう忘れた 俺の出身

All suckers wanna get it, take a sip

ク ジャネ ブオ マロプシ
그 잔에 부어 말없이

その杯に注げ 黙って

All the suckers wanna hit it,

I’ma lead you to the heaven ブロ ピリ
I’ma lead you to the heaven 불어 피리

I’ma lead you to the heaven 笛を吹き鳴らせ

All my friends wanna get around in O’s,

all my friends wanna take another pose
Yeah, I’m knocked out, what a bullshit

(Get the fuck down!)
Mufucka, want a doom shit
No more goofing around, i want cool shit
I’ma stay calm when they come up with that new shit

クジョ ブトョ イ モダッブレ ブルシ
그저 붙여 이 모닥불의 불씨

ただ起こす この焚き火の火種

チングドゥルン モヨ ネ ジュウィ ハナドゥルシッ
친구들은 모여 내 주위 하나둘씩

友達は集まる 俺の周りに1人ずつ

Get high, getting fire, we in Saudi, let me go ape, get down with the party
Yeah, I’m knocked out, muhf**ka, what a bullsh!t (Get the fuck down!)

キャン チョトゥロガ ブルシエ
걍 쳐들어가 불시에



(踊りますRight now)

(踊りますRight now)

Mufuckas want a bigger growl, muhf**kas want to take control
All my friends crying in a row, you won’t get it, free soul, you bеtta come up with it

Look, I step on the placе and they yell “Go figure”
Watch, I’ma go all out for my hitta
I already told them, I’ma gorilla, Simz and RM man, it don’t get bigger
Catch me in the back with my G’s dem, greet them with respect when you see them
Run me up a check, I’ma need that, and give my co dee a stack
‘Cause that’s my dog, that’s my homie, you and I know I don’t do phoney
I set the tone listen up closely, you know my name but you do not know me
I got
Got my broski’s back til the end, you can’t put one hand on my friend
We just here for a good time everyday,

ネ ソヌン ノムチ モッテ
내 선은 넘지 못해



(踊りますRight now)

(踊りますRight now)